Cornea Transplant

When you need a corneal surgery

A corneal transplant is the replacement of damaged or diseased cornea with a healthy cornea in order to restore vision. Corneal transplants are usually needed when the cornea is scarred or swollen beyond the repair of other treatments.

About Corneal Surgery

The cornea was one of the first parts of the body to be transplanted, and corneal transplants remain one of the most common, and most successful of all transplant procedures. During the procedure, part of a cloudy or warped cornea is replaced with a graft from a healthy cornea, which comes from an eye bank. Since a cornea heals slowly, full healing and vision improvement may take a year or more.

It now possible to perform sutureless corneal transplantation, where only the diseased inner lining of the cornea is replaced. This permits much more rapid recovery of vision while also providing a more stable cornea post operation.