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Photorefractive keratectomy or more commonly known as PRK, is a type of corrective vision surgery to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. If you are considering PRK, you may start to wonder if you’re a candidate for the surgery. Our Seattle eye doctors at Clearview Eye & Laser can determine your candidacy based on several factors, and can answer any questions that you may have about requirements for the procedure.

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What is PRK Surgery in Seattle?

In LASIK, your Seattle eye surgeon makes an incision in the cornea to create a flap of tissue. The tissue is then listed so the laser can reshape the inner layers of the cornea. The corneal flap is then put back in place and heals on its own within a few days.

In PRK, the eye surgeon does not create a flap of corneal tissue. Instead, the outer layer of the cornea is removed to expose an area for the laser to reshape. The most significant differences between PRK and LASIK are the initial discomfort and the speed of recovery.

Basic Requirements for PRK

To get an idea if you may be a candidate for PRK, there are a few general requirements. All patients must:

  • Be at least 18-years-old
  • Have had a stable eyeglass prescription for at least one year
  • Not be pregnant or nursing
  • Have healthy eyes, free from serious conditions

What if I’ve Been Denied from LASIK Surgery?

Many patients that pursue PRK generally cannot undergo LASIK. Thin corneas or other corneal problems make LASIK a risk for damaging factors. When patients have laser eye surgery, their cornea is made even thinner. For patients with already thin corneas, procedures like LASIK can greatly jeopardize the cornea. PRK is a great alternative treatment, only affecting the very surface of the cornea.

PRK Eye Care Center in Seattle, WA

If you are ineligible for LASIK, don’t let that stop you from correcting your vision. PRK can fix your vision problems with similar success rate to LASIK. At Clearview Eye & Laser, our experienced eye surgeons will evaluate you to see if you are a candidate, and will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the procedure.

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