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Various eye problems and conditions are often associated with headaches. Squinting, straining or pressure of the eye can all trigger pain in parts of the head. If you are constantly experiencing headaches, it might be time for you to get a comprehensive eye exam at Clearview Eye & Laser.

Getting your vision checked now will also allow you to use your vision benefits included in your health insurance plan before they expire in 2018.

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Migraines and How They Affect Vision

Migraines can affect the quality of life for chronic sufferers. Symptoms might include throbbing pain, nausea and light sensitivity. However, not all migraines are the same. Retinal migraines can occur with or without the constant headache but be just as painful.

Retinal migraines, or ocular migraines, is a type of migraine that affects your vision. They occur when the blood vessels in your eyes start to constrict. This results in reduced blood flow to one of your eyes, developing repeated vision disturbances that occur in one eye. Visual symptoms of a retinal migraine can include seeing twinkling lights, having areas of decreased vision or even temporary blindness.

Digital Eye Strain and Fatigue

Modern work environments often consists of working for multiple hours a day in front of a computer. Many of us also spend an extended length of the time scrolling through our smart phone during the day. The increased amount of time engaging in these activities can leave your eyes feeling uncomfortable and sometimes painful. This is referred to as digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain can lead to the inability to focus our vision, although with eye fatigue. Digital eye strain can be easily diagnosed by an eye doctor by discussing lifestyle and work habits.

Common Eye Conditions Linked to Headaches

Here are a couple common eye problems that can contribute to headaches, including but not limited to:

Astigmatism: Astigmatism is a common vision condition that causes blurred vision. Most people have to squint in order to focus their vision.

Hyperopia: Hyperopia is also known commonly as farsightedness. This occurs when distant objects are more clear than closer objects.

Presbyopia: Presbyopia is a condition where your eyes gradually lose the ability to see things up close clearly, often considered a normal aspect of aging. Most people begin to notice after age 40.

Your Seattle Eye Clinic Doctors at Clearview Eye & Laser

The end of the year is the perfect time to get an eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam will catch any possible eye conditions or diseases that could be causing your headaches. Our Seattle eye doctors will be able to identify the problem and discuss the proper steps to have you seeing clearly and headache-free. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.