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When used safely, contact lenses are a great option to correct poor vision. The Center for Disease Control reports that there are more than 30 million contact lens wearers in the United States. While it’s not considered a permanent eye solution, compared to laser vision correction, contact lenses can improve eye sight and enhance your quality of life—albeit it temporarily.

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The CDF estimates that nearly 40% to 90% of contact lens wearers do not follow the proper care instructions. Whether you’ve been wearing contacts for years or you’re a new wearer, understanding how to safely handle your contact lenses is one of the most important things you must do to protect the health of your eyes.

Proper Hygiene When Handling Contact Lenses

Hygiene is key to preventing infections that can affect your eye health and long-term vision. You must always wash your hands and dry with a clean towel before inserting or removing contacts. This prevents bacteria, germs and debris from getting into your eyes, lowering the risk of infections. Avoid using fragrance soaps or lotion as these can irritate your eyes.

There are many great online video tutorials and guides that teach how to insert and remove contact lenses. At Clearview Eye & Laser, we provide personal contact lens insertion and removal training to help new wearers learn proper and safe techniques.

Tips for Cleaning and Care

Different types of contact lenses may require special care or specific products for cleaning. Most contacts are either daily disposable or extended wear. Your Seattle optometrist or eye care specialist can help you determine the best lenses for your eyes and lifestyle. Regardless of the type or brand you wear, here are a few general contact lens cleaning tips:

1) Wash and dry your hands before handling contacts, as discussed above.

2) Using fresh, contact lens cleaning solution, rub your lens with your clean finger and rinse again with solution. We recommend rubbing for about 20 seconds, making sure you clean both sides.

3) Don’t forget to clean your contact lens case! After inserting in your contacts, empty the case of the old solution. Be sure to rinse with fresh solution, and dry with a clean tissue or paper towel. Contact lens cases should not be used for more than three months.

Regardless of the type of contact lenses you wear (e.g. soft lenses or RGP), never use saliva or tap water to clean—even in an emergency. Saliva and tap water contains bacteria that can infect or irritate the eyes.

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