Top Things or Places to See in Seattle

Rather than talking about procedures or eye care & health, we wanted to switch things up a bit. We want to focus a little more on the benefits of clear vision, but whilst also highlighting our great city. There are many reasons why one might need the best vision, for instance: having the ability to… Read more »

Seattle Eye Care Specialists Remind you to Protect your Eyes

It has been an unusually hot and dry summer so far in the Pacific Northwest. While enjoying the abundant sunshine we have had, it can be easy to forget the danger UV rays can pose on your eyes. As Seattle eye care specialists, we want everyone to keep their corneas safe during this sunny dry spell. The… Read more »

Correlation Between Eye Exams and Your Overall Health?

You hear from everyone, especially your doctor that your annual eye exam is important, but sometimes life can get in the way! We’ve all been there. You put off actually calling in and making an appointment, but how important ca an eye exam be, especially if your vision hasn’t really change?   Well, take it… Read more »

Dealing With Dry Eye

April showers may bring May flowers, but all that extra pollen in the air can also cause a bout of allergies. Eye irritation is one of the most common symptoms people experience from allergies, but it can also be a sign of Dry Eye.   Dry eye is a condition in which the eyes do… Read more »

All About iLASIK Surgery

Summer will soon be upon us and that means more time spent outdoors. Living in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t have to go very far to see some amazing sights! Whether you spend your weekends hiking the trails or out on the water, your vision allows you take in everything nature that has to offer…. Read more »

Pick the Right Lenses

With spring right around the corner, the weather begins to warm up, flowers begin to bloom and there’s more sunshine in a day. As the season begins to change, so does your personal style. You may opt for both lighter colors and materials, not only with your clothes, but also with your accessories. Here at CLEARVIEW… Read more »

Recovering from iLasik Surgery

In our last blog post, we outlined the positive aspects to choosing iLasik surgery. Although glasses and contact lenses are some of the most common forms of vision correction, at times, they may not be the most convenient. Glasses have the tendency to slip and fall off and contacts can sometimes irritate or dry your eyes…. Read more »

Clearview of a New You in 2015

A new year means a new you and CLEARVIEW Eye & Laser wants to help you start 2015 with not only a new look, but a better way of life as well. Corrective glasses are the most common way to correct bad eyesight, but are sometimes not the most convenient. Contact lenses and iLasik surgery… Read more »

Protect Your Eyes This Winter

Usually we hear about the importance of protecting our eyes during the summer months when the sun is out and shining, but it is just as important during the winter. The dryer air, snow on the ground and winter activities can all affect your eyes negatively. Here at CLEARVIEW Eye & Laser, we focus on… Read more »

Summer Eye Protection Tips

When gearing up for fun in the sun it is important to wear a pair of sunglasses that are functional, as well as, fashionable. There are two types of rays that cause sun damage to your skin and eyes, those are UVA and UVB. When choosing a new pair of sunglasses make sure to select… Read more »