Seattle Eye Laser Specialists Explain Common iLASIK Surgery Fears

A surgery is a medical procedure that typically involves incisions to the body with a sharp instrument. For many, just thinking about word “surgery” can be scary. Now, imagine the words “eye laser surgery.” Did you get a slight shiver down your spine? Well actually, you shouldn’t! Perhaps the most common fear of all is the… Read more »

How Much Does iLASIK Vision Correction Surgery Cost?

Who doesn’t love a good deal? From cutting coupons to camping out for sales on Black Friday, many of us enjoy the feeling of saving money whenever we can. However when it comes to your vision and eye health, going with the cheapest option is not always the best idea. Choosing the right iLASIK provider should be based on… Read more »

Cataracts with Astigmatism | Seattle Eye Care Specialists Explains

Everyone’s eyes are unique. Some of us may have so-called “perfect 20/20 vision,” while some may have a variety of issues that need to be addressed. Our mission at Clearview Eye & Laser is to provide our patients the highest quality service we can and best support all their eye care needs. For those who have… Read more »

Should I Get iLASIK Surgery this Summer?

With summer on its way here in the Pacific Northwest, now is the time that many people consider laser vision corrective surgery to prepare for the outdoor activities and sunshine that come with the season. iLASIK is an all-laser vision corrective procedure in which a thin layer of the cornea is cut and the inner corner… Read more »

Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Sports Injuries this Summer

April is Sports Eye Safety Month, the month dedicated to bringing nationwide awareness to the tens of thousands of sports or recreational-related eye injuries that happen each year. According to the National Eye Institute, eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children in the United States, most of the injuries being sports-related. While… Read more »

Tips to Stop Spring Allergies from Clouding Your Spring

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and the pollen is flying. If you are one of the 58 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, these April days can be bittersweet and impose symptoms like runny nose, dry throat and, our personal nemesis – the itchy eye! Nothing is worse than trying to… Read more »

The Meaning Behind 20/20 Vision

It’s a pretty widely known fact that 20/20 vision is the ideal score in the optometry world. But what exactly do those numerical values represent and at what point does a tipping scale warrant concern? At Seattle or Highline’s Clearview Eye and Laser, we’re here to help answer these pivotal questions and bring you closer to enlightened… Read more »

The Not-So-Invisible Dangers of Smoking

Most of us know the health risks involved with smoking: teeth decay, pregnancy complications, mouth and lung diseases, and even death. But the anti-cigarette campaigns don’t usually pay too much attention to the repercussions smokers and second-hand smokers might experience in way of their eyesight. Think about it – regularly exposing your retinas to a… Read more »

Eye Exams and Diabetes

A MUST SEE message for diabetics and their loved ones – Diabetics at risk for vision loss and eye disease    photo credit: Diabetes Test via Photopin (license)   Imagine being diagnosed with a life-long disease like Diabetes? Maybe you’re one of the 29 million Americans who are actually living with that diagnosis. Along with closely monitoring… Read more »

Avoid Indoor Tanning

  As the rainy Winter forecast eclipses the bronzing sunshine, it’s easy to think that indoor tanning may be the ticket to happiness–but think again! The UV rays from tanning beds not only make your skin more prone to cancer, but also cause serious damage to your eyes. Just because you are wearing protective goggles does not necessarily mean you are in the clear. Play it safe with expert advice from CLEARVIEW Eye and Laser. In the meantime, ask yourself these important questions….   Why are Tanning beds dangerous?   – The World Health Organization’s International Agency for… Read more »